Summer Seasonal Services

| by The Woodhouse Day Spa-The Vintage, under Woodhouse Services

We are excited to offer our Summer Seasonal Manicure & Pedicure featuring FarmHouse Fresh Goods! Relish in a scrumptiously scented effervescent bath soak to relax, cleanse and nourish. Then let a burst of refreshment scrub over you! Watermelon and basil oils combine with coarse sugar and rice bran oil to invigorate and exfoliate dull skin  that’s  been  under  wraps  too  long!  You  are  painted  in  a  rich  honey glaze - packed with live fruit cells, aloe and Vitamin E - and cocooned as the nourishing serum works to banish dry ashy skin and dead skin. Walk out crisp and deliciously sweetened after a whipped body mousse massage infused with retinol and peptides to  improve  the  look  of  skin  and  scented  with  melon  and  basil  extracts is massaged into skin as the finishing touch. Available now through August 2020!  

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