Sun Damaged Skin Must Haves

| by Ashley Harvey, Licensed Esthetician at The Woodhouse Day Spa-Vintage, under Skincare and Beauty

Summer time in Houston, TX usually means long days outdoors at the pool or the beach and all that sun exposure can take it’s toll on our skin! 

If you have recently overindulged in the summer sun and heat The Woodhouse Day Spa-Vintage has the answers to your questions of 1) How do I repair my damaged skin? & 2) What can I do to prevent future sun damage?

Top 3 Causes of Sun Damage

  1. UV Damage
  2. Inflammation caused by heat from IRA rays
  3. Hormones

Types of UV Rays:

  1. UVA – Aging Rays, penetrate deep into the skin
  2. UVB – Burning rays, cause surface damage
  3. IRA – Infrared light = heat

When UV rays enter the skin there is a chemical reaction that occurs.  This reaction increases melanin production.  Melanin is the substance that causes color in the skin, hair, & eyes.  Increased melanin production causes darkening of the skin, called hyper-pigmentation.  This is your body’s reaction to UV damage.  Don’t worry! Using the right products and treatments your skin can be restored to an even, smooth, & brighter completion.

The Woodhouse Day Spa-Vintage has a results driven treatment that will repair your skin immediately and you’ll leave with your skin feeling renewed.  The Woodhouse Signature Minkyti Facial uses our organic seaweed line from Ireland called Voya. The products & actual live hand harvested seaweed leaves used in this facial are anti-inflammatory, hydrating, & healing.  Perfect for soothing that sunburn! In addition, the seaweed we use contains every amino acid, vitamin, mineral, & fatty acid necessary for optimum health of your skin & body. So come in and refresh your parched summer skin with our Woodhouse Signature Minkyti Facial.

If you have already exposed your skin to years of UV damage and are in need of lightening hyper-pigmentation and hydrating your skin our HydraFacial is the answer. HydraFacial is a resurfacing treatment that will lighten and brighten unwanted pigment, leaving your skin soft, supple, & glowing.  There is no downtime after this treatment or possible contraindications with sun exposure unlike a chemical peel, or microdermabrasion, which can exacerbate pigment in the summer.

The final product used in our HydraFacial contains Horse Chestnut Seed Extract.  This potent antioxidant helps to protect the skin & is considered to be an AntiSolar agent when combined with sunscreen.

While The Woodhouse Signature Minkyti Facial and HydraFacial will repair your skin, you will want to continue a skin care regime after your relaxing day at The Woodhouse Day Spa to prevent future sun damage. 

Summer Must Have Skin Care Products

  1. SkinCeuticals Vitamin C Serum
    1. Vitamin C protects your skin from suns UV damage and IRA rays.
    2. Vitamin C is going to protect your skin from future sun damage in addition it’s going to help lighten and brighten unwanted pigment and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.    
    3. Vitamin C will increase your skin’s natural photo-aging protection, & increase the effectiveness of your sunscreen.
    4. Vitamin C will also reduce inflammation, preventing hyper-pigmentation.
  2. SkinCeuticals Physical Sunscreen
    1. All of our physical SkinCeutical sunscreens contain Artemia Salina.  This ingredient reduces heat on the skin, which keeps inflammation low. 
    2. These sunscreens will also protect against all three types of UV rays.

The Woodhouse Day Spa-Vintage is here to assist you repair the sun damage caused by all your summer fun & sun exposure!  Call today, 281-407-2802, and our hospitality team will assist you in making a reservation for the perfect service for you.  You can also visit our website,, to make your reservation online. We also carry a full line of SkinCeutical products in our retail area so you can continue your skin care regimen at home and prevent any future damage. Our estheticians are excited to help you achieve the glowing skin you want!

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